Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Port Management Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Port Management - Assignment Example One source of sustained competitive advantage, which is very followed by academics, is the firms' resources and capabilities that is the Resource-Based view (Azevedo). Competitive value of the resources can be enhanced or annulled by changes in the technology, by changes in the competitor's behavior, or by changes in the buyers' needs.(Porter) All these aspects would be neglectful whether the analysis focus was only centered in the internal resources (Porter). According to Chandler and Hanks resources and capabilities create a satisfactory base for formulating competitive strategies. An important factor that assures a long-term competitive advantage is the sustainability of the firm's capabilities or their core competences. Sustained capabilities are those that are not easy or quickly reproduced by the competitors and must form the base of firm's strategy. These resources and capabilities are the key for the achievement of competitive advantage and should be protected. Being so, they have a significant role in the ready for action strategy of an association. In consecution of such strategies and to keep the dignity of port in the business of transport and freight for long term, the competent authorities are developing the Special Economic Zone. In the accent of Leman The SEZ has also become a key offshore distribution center though... Leman has serious apprehension for the developments of the ports for keeping the pace with rivalry for long run. When he says 'its container terminals already face competition from lower-cost facilities in Shenzhen and will soon have to compete with Nansha in Guangzhou and deepwater ports in the Yangzi delta.' it is evident that the need for benevolent priority to such project is soaring. The need of strategic plan is on towering demand for maintaining a sustain competition for the benefit of port. Wernerfelt Learned, et al. and Porter adopted RBV from a strategic point of view considering a resource as a strength that firms can use to formulate and to implement their strategies. The resources and capabilities of the firm are the main competences for formulating strategy (Grant). Many of the authorities from around the world have adopted such plan for the purpose. In consultation with regional partners, this Strategic Plan has been developed by the Board of Directors of the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority (Port Authority) with the goal of providing a long-term strategic roadmap for the organization. According to Port Authority this roadmap clarifies the Port Authority's mission, defines the Port Authority's role and provides a strategic framework for the substantial decisions that will set the course for its investment in the regional economy. They claim that This Strategic Plan serves as an overarching foundation for activity over the next 25-year period. The Port Authority has identified several goals for the period from 2008 to 2033. This shows that the port has minimum probability for not sustaining in the long run for the business associated with ports. The Authority has a plan to involve in

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