Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Application for the Use of Computer, the Processor as a Brain of Research Paper

The Application for the Use of Computer, the Processor as a Brain of Computer - Research Paper Example   The traditional disc drive has been experiencing a transition to the solid-state drive (SSD) system, as they have become more dense and lower cost. The application and use that the computer will be used for will determine the physical layout of the motherboard as well as the technical requirements. Desktop computers are usually configured with a motherboard that accepts plug-in cards for ease of expansion and reconfiguration. This makes it possible to install more video memory, higher quality sound cards, or take advantage of newer and more current standards, as they are made available. For example, wireless network cards can be installed that allows the user to communicate with a wireless network or hub. Motherboards that are designed for laptops usually have less capability for expansion due to the limitation of space considerations. A motherboard in a laptop will have all the associated circuitry required integrated into the design of the board. Whether the board is to be used in a desktop or a laptop, certain features and circuitry will reside on the motherboard. Each board is designed to accommodate a particular microprocessor and the board will have a socket and the necessary driver circuitry for it. The board will have the appropriate crystals and clock circuits that are needed to drive the processor at the required speed. Random access memory and the electronics it takes to move data between the processor and memory will also reside on the motherboard. The mass storage device in a computer has traditionally been a disc drive, but recent innovations have seen a move towards SSDs.  

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